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Remote Support Instructions - Safari Browser on Mac OS

NOTE: Depending on your operating system or web browser version, your screen may look slightly different than the images below. Use this as a general guide only.

1. Using Safari, browse to
2. Enter the Session ID provided by the SolutionHealth technician


3. When prompted, choose to download the remote support file


4. When prompted to allow a download, click "Allow"


5. Open your downloads folder (Command + Option + L) and double click the "JoinMac.dmg" file


6. Run the "Join" application. If you are prompted with an additional security warning, choose "Open"



7. Because of enhanced security controls with in the Apple MacOS, you will have to allow the "Join" application to view your screen.

***Although the prompt states that Zoho would like you record your screen, this is not true. Your screen will NOT be recorded***

Please follow the on-screen prompts to allow the remote support technician to view your screen.



At this point, you may need to close your Safari browser and re-join the remote support session.

8. Finally, to end the Remote Support session, click "Stop Share"


9. Click "Ok" to close the remote support application. Any files remaining on your desktop may be removed or ejected.