Enrolling in Password Self-Service

This guide shows you how to enroll in the SolutionHealth self-service password management system using your web brower.

Self-service password management is available from inside and outside the SolutionHealth network.

IMPORTANT: In order to perform password management functions from outside the SolutionHealth network, you MUST be enrolled in the Duo MultiFactor Authentication system and have your Smartphone available. If you have NOT enrolled in Duo, you will be prompted to do so at first login.


1. Using a web browser, access the SolutionHealth Password Self-Service Portal.

2. Enter your network username and password. Choose the domain that you log into in the "Select Domain" box.

- EHS users, choose "ELLIOT"
- SNHHS users, choose "NTMC"


3. If you are attempting to enroll or log in from outside the SolutionHealth network, you will be prompted to authenticate with Duo. Otherwise, you may skip this step.

- If you are an employee or authorized external user and you are NOT enrolled in Duo, you will be prompted to do so.
- When prompted, please accept the Duo authentication request.



4. When prompted, choose "Click here" to enroll in password self-service.


5. Provide anwers to four (4) security questions, then click "Next".

- Choose answers that you will easily remember
- Answers must have a minimum of 5 characters
- You may not use the same answer twice
- If you do not see all 4 questions, please scroll down


6. (OPTIONAL) You may also set up alternative verification methods, including personal e-mail, SMS, or Google Authenticator.


7. Procedure complete. You are now enrolled in the SolutionHealth password self-service system.

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