Basic Login and Use (with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication)

Use the instructions below to log into the SolutionHealth Remote Access Portal and access authorized applications.


- You must be enrolled in the Duo MultiFactor Authentication System and have your enrolled smartphone available.

- Refer to the main Remote Access Help Documents for additional information.


1. Using a web browser, go to


2. Enter your network username and password. Choose the domain that you log into.

- Elliot users, choose ELLIOT
- SNHMC users, choose NTMC


3. Select how you would like to authenticate with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication.


4. If you chose "Send me a Push" in step 3, you will receive a notification on your enrolled smartphone. Click the notification and unlock your smartphone (if locked).


5. Accept the authentication request by clicking "Approve".


6. If you chose "Enter a Passcode" in step 3, you will have to manually launch the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone and enter the 6-digit code within the app.


7. You should now be succesfully logged into the SolutionHealth application portal. You will find alll the applications you are authorized to access.

NOTE: Use "Search All Apps" if you cannot find the desired application.


8. When launching an application, if prompted, choose "Permit use". This ensures your application functions properly.


9. When you're done, be sure to "Log Off" in the upper right-hand corner.


10. Procedure complete. You should now close any open browser windows.

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